Starting from scratch.

In my past life, I was working in TV and enjoying it but I never really knew where the road would take me. I wasn’t sure I could see a future there for me because I wasn’t even sure if I loved it the way that I used too. Getting up at the crack of dawn and being on a buzzing TV set, surrounded by the bright lights and constant commotion used to be a natural high for me. I’d put a headset on, watch the audience file into the crowd and feed off of their excitement… But, it started to lose it’s edge.

So here I am, living in the middle of the country and just having completed week 1 of my new job. I’m working as an HR Recruiting Coordinator and loving it so far. I’m a people person and this job is all about the people. Meeting them, getting to know them and their skill-sets, and possibly finding a job that fits them. I’m excited for the road ahead, stick with me and see what’s in store.