I’m sorry I’ve been so M.I.A. lately! Everyday I think, “I’m going to blog today!” But the time seems to escape me. I’ve been so busy in the last couple of weeks, I’ve barely had time to process how cold it’s starting to get here.

To start, I got my first speeding ticket in Wisconsin! Who would have thought that people actually obey the 55 mph signs on the highways? I’ve decided to plead not guilty on grounds that I’m new here & I don’t believe New Jersey even has speed limits to follow! I guess what they say is true… You can take the girl out of jersey, but not the jersey out of the girl.

img_2603On Sunday (10/9) I was able to join Mark at the Green Bay Packers vs New York Giants game! It was such a cool experience, as we are both Giants fans. Mark gave me the tour of Lambeau Field, so I was able to see the press box, media rooms and stand on the field. Although the Giants lost, it was still a good time.

Did you know that the Media Dining rooms at stadiums have delicious food? And guess what.. it’s all free! I spent quite a while hanging in the dining room and enjoying the food. Wisconsin is known for a couple of things, including cheese curds. Oh my gosh, are they delicious. How could you not love anything that involves fried cheese? I’m not saying it’s the healthiest thing, but it’s damn good.

I spent this week traveling for work and I’ll be doing the same next week. So I’ve been quite busy lately. As I start getting settled into my new job, I’m taking on more and more responsibilities. The inner workaholic in me is loving it, but I do need to take some time for myself. I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend to do just that before I start another week of travel.

Friday (10/14) is Mark’s 24th birthday! We’ll be the same age for a whole 11 days. He has to work this weekend, but Friday night we’ll go out to the bar after his 10pm newscast wraps. We won’t get to celebrate with dinner as he’ll be traveling to work the Wisconsin Badgers vs Ohio State Buckeyes game on Saturday, but we’ll be able to celebrate both of our birthday next weekend as he has off!

Wisconsin is definitely treating me well and although the temperatures dropped to 40 degrees today, it’s still beautiful here. I wish this blog was a tad more interesting, but life is good and I’m a happy human 🙂