Well… it’s official. I’m 25 now, halfway to 50… does that mean I’m eligible for a quarter life crisis? For starters, I don’t feel that old. I mean… yeah, I’m an “adult”; I live with my boyfriend halfway across the country, I have a full-time job and bills to pay…but I still feel like a teenager. I’m still waiting to wake up and realize that it’s all been a dream. That I’m 14 years old again and starting my first day of high school. Alas, that isn’t the case and I have bills to pay (yes, American Express… I’m looking at you).

Anyways, back to what’s been happening in the Midwest. I spent the week of the 17th traveling to Appleton, WI for work. On Friday, my mom arrivribmtn1ed in Wisco!! I wanted her to see just how breathtaking this place is in the Fall. So I took her to the top of Rib Mountain in Wausau, WI. For the record, I don’t own the photo to the left, I took it from the Wausau homepage. Mom and I actually didn’t get out to walk around the mountain as we were both in boots. I just wanted her to see the view & foliage.

We then spent all day Friday doing what we do best.. SHOPPING. I was able to show her around Wausau & give her a feel for the town that I work in. At night, Mark was working so Mom and I tried the local Chinese restaurant. And no, it definitely wasn’t as good as it is back home, but it surprisingly wasn’t bad either. It’s an adjustment, just like everything else in the Midwest is.

On Saturday, Mark and I took Mom to Helene’s Hilltop Orchard in Merrill, which is about img_271930 minutes from our apartment. We went pumpkin picking all afternoon and even spent time in the bakery eating baked goods. When I say eating, I mean… devouring the food. It was amazing! I’m talking: apple pie a la mode, apple cider donuts and caramel coated apples. YUM! My mouth is watering just thinking about it all. The property also has a lot to offer. They have playgrounds for kids, corn mazes, tractor rides through the pumpkin patches, train rides for the kids and a small petting area with two goats. I’m pretty sure one goat was pregnant because she was huge! Her whole belly was protruding. It was the perfect Fall day. Mark and I had been talking about wanting to go pumpkin picking for quite some time, so I’m happy we were able to do it with my mom!

Afterwards we went to the Saw Mill Brewery, which was so good. Mom had never been to a brewery before so she was fascinated. For starters, she sat down at a craft brewery and right away asked the bartender, “do you have Blue Moon beer?” and the man laughed in her face, “no ma’am, we don’t carry Blue Moon”. I had to explain to her that the whole point of coming to a craft brewery is to try beers other then the norm! Sure enough, she asked to sample almost every beer on the menu before settling on one. Mark and I discovered our favorite beer of all time there! It’s called the Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale, it tastes like pumpkin pie. It’s out-of-this-world-good. We actually bought a growler of it to go & it was gone within 2 days.

The bartender was also telling us about the history of the building itself. It’s an all wooden building and it’s just so beautiful. It’s a modern day log cabin, but huge. So the bartender says “this is the old DNR building”, which stands for the Department of Natural Resources. Mom says, “this is an old Do Not Resuscitate building? Freaky.” LOL. She makes me laugh. These are things I have always called “Marg-isms”, because only she can come up with some of the stuff she says.

At night we did what local Wisconsiners do, we went to a Supper Club. Supper Club’s are all the rage in Wisconsin. They are restaurants that serve a TON of food. You get so much bang for your buck! Every entree comes with a soup, salad, bread basket and 2 sides!! It’s a lot of delicious food. We went to one locally in Rhinelander called The Fireside Supper Club & it was delicious. img_2725

Sunday was spent carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, watching football & cooking dinner. I made a homemade red sauce with turkey meatballs & whole wheat pasta. Just like Sunday’s back home with my large Italian family, but with a healthy spin.

On Monday, I had to take my mom back to the airport 😦 But it was so nice having my mom in town. We haven’t spent any of my birthday’s apart! Even if I haven’t been able to see her on the exact day of my birthday, it’s always been in the week or weekend surrounding the day, so I’m happy this year held to tradition.

Tuesday was my actual birthday (the 25th) – which means it was my golden birthday! 25 on the 25th 🙂 Mark and I went to dinner in a town nearby called Eagle River, which is a small resort town. We went to the Riverstone Restaurant, which was a pretty place & the food was delicious. Of course we had a cheese platter as an appetizer because duh, we live in Wisconsin!

I was supposed to be in Miami with my girlfriends for my actual birthday celebrations, but with the move to Wisconsin & starting a new job, we put the trip on the back burner. Hoping to get something on the books for this summer to get to see my girls all in one place!

IMG_2815.JPGThe last update for this very long blog post is Halloween! Halloween celebrations were this weekend and Mark and I dressed as Vampires. I’ve been obsessed with them since season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aired on TV in 1997. I’m luck to have a boyfriend who understands my obsession!!

Saturday night we threw a costume party in our apartment for our friends to come hang, play some games & have a good time. I cooked appetizers and decorated the apartment to get into the spirit of things. Overall, it was a blast.


If you’ve made it this far in the blog post, I appreciate you reading along. I’ll try to write more frequently so these long posts don’t happen often.