What is it you ask? Let me explain….

Hodag.jpgIntroducing mom to the Hodag in front of the Rhinelander Chamber of Commerce

The Hodag is the symbol of Rhinelander, which is shown above. Once you notice one statue in town, you start to notice them everywhere! They have them in the most random of places. To name a few, there is a statue of a Hodag if front of our local YMCA, Dunkin Donuts, Grocery story, parks and ice skating arena. Just this Sunday, Mark and I were food shopping and noticed a statue of one in the top corner of our local grocery store, Trigs.

According to Wikipedia, they are a folklore animal that is said to have been discovered in Rhinelander. They have the head of a frog, grinning face of an elephant and a back of a dinosaur. The Hodag is also mentioned in several Paul Bunyan stories.

The area uses the Hodag not only as a mascot, but also as a branding tool. Local businesses bear the name and the town has an annual Hodag Country Festival in Rhinelander, which is one of the largest events for the town. Artists like Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, and Reba McEntire have all performed at the Festival. Mark and I love country music, so we will definitely be present.

Just thought I’d share a random fact about our new home town!