Please welcome our little Luna to the family! 

IMG_4238When I say that I was obsessed with the hunt for our perfect dog… believe me, I was obsessed. I was regularly checking multiple outlets: Pet Finder, Humane Societies, newspaper ads, etc. I needed to find the perfect dog, one that could seamlessly fit into Mark & I’s busy lives.

One random night I was patrolling JR’s Pups and Stuff Animal Rescue after I received an e-mail that my adoption application had been approved. I remember thinking, “which place is this?” I had applied to so many that I honestly couldn’t tell one from the other. While scrolling, I stumbled upon Faith (now our Luna). I casually nudged Mark, “hey what about this one?” It was odd… up to that point I had never seen Mark excited for the dogs I had showed him, but at that moment he looked at me with a straight face and said, “that’s the one. We need her.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I frantically starting searching how I could get this adorable dog into our home.

JR’s Pups and Stuff Animal Rescue is located in Milwaukee, WI and Mark and I were going to be leaving for Milwaukee on Friday for an Eric Church concert, so it felt like the stars had aligned. This all happened on Monday night. The coming weekend when we were going to be in Milwaukee was Easter weekend, okay not as easy as we thought. What foster family will allow us to come visit on Easter morning? So thankfully our wonderful JR’s Pups and Stuff volunteer, Kelly, agreed to do our “house visit” (aka a FaceTime since we are 4 hours away from Milwaukee) at 8:45 PM on Thursday night after Mark got home from a full day of Turkey Hunting (#midwest).

After being approved for our adoption by Kelly, I was checking my e-mails regularly for an update or acceptance. The process goes as follows: house visit, receive acceptance e-mail, reply to the acceptance e-mail about a dog you are interested in, wait 1 week for the foster family to contact you to set up a meet & greet, meet the dog, wait 1 week for an answer if you were accepted.

WHAT? I needed to figure out how to shorten the process. It was Friday morning and I was going to be in Milwaukee in 5 hours. I decided to find the JR’s Pups Facebook group and find Faith’s foster family and contact her directly. I let her know I had just had my house visit & anxiously awaiting my approval so I could meet Faith. I was met with a comment from who I assume is the owner of the Rescue, that upon approval I will be allowed to reach out.

Finally at 7:00 PM on Friday night while walking into the Eric Church concert, I received the acceptance e-mail. Mark & I were elated. I quickly wrote back that I wanted to meet Faith on Sunday, as we were only in Milwaukee until then. I then followed up on Facebook with the foster parents about my excitement to plan a meeting THIS WEEKEND.

Luckily, Faith’s foster parents were amazing & agreed to have us over on Easter Sunday at 10:00 AM for a meet & greet. From the minute we walked into their home, we knew she was the one. We knew she was our dog, our Luna; a name we had decided on when driving over to meet her.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when I received a text message from Faith’s Foster mom, stating that the other family interested was wonderful but she was choosing us! I started to cry and called my mom, who also started crying. That Saturday Mark had to work so I drove 4 hours each way, by myself, to go get our little girl. Who sat in the passenger’s seat of my car and didn’t make a peep; she slept wonderfully the whole ride.img_4288.jpg

We are now relishing in the moments of being doggy parents. We leave each other notes to talk about the status of Luna’s bowel movements. We implemented a schedule to help get us  into a routine of having a new life to take care of.

Of course there are small hiccups (Luna has some separation anxiety issues), but those are to be expected. Her life prior to Wisconsin was not rainbows and butterflies. She’s 1.5 years old, so they aren’t sure what happened to her in the early stages of her life, but when JR’s found out about her she was in a “hell hole” shelter in Alabama where she was too skinny and pregnant. Upon giving birth her liter of 8 puppies died within 1 week, most of them from a seizure disorder. 1 week later JR’s came to rescue her. Since then she lived with (wonderful) foster parents for 2 weeks and then was whisked off to the Northwoods to live with us.  So there is probably some confusion on her part, but Mark & I are working hard on getting through her anxieties with her. We have a prescribed medication to help relax her when we leave and are working with an obedience trainer on ways to help.

I can’t wait for you all to meet our 30 lb nugget. She is the sweetest, most beautiful little pup who loves to be outside tanning herself, eating her antler bone and/or hanging on the couch. Signature