Hello! My name is Michele and I guess you can say I was “bit by the travel bug”… but that’s so cliche right? My love for experiencing it all has led me to move to rural Wisconsin…leaving behind my family, friends and a promising career in New York City.  Before you call me crazy, let me back up and explain.

I grew up traveling with my family. My mom is a corporate event planner and spent 36 years traveling the US on business while my dad and I tagged along. During my junior year of college, I spent 6 months living and studying in Florence, Italy. I used that time to travel to 8 countries and countless cities. Upon graduating, I moved to NYC and lived there for a year. Now, my boyfriend has accepted a job in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and guess who’s going with? This nomadic chick.

At first, the idea seemed crazy… beyond crazy. It seemed like an absurd plan for me to go with him. What was I going to do for a job? What about my friends and family? I had an awesome (yet crazy expensive) life in New York, how could I leave? Am I ready to live with my boyfriend? What if he left the seat up? What if he folded clothes differently than me? DOES he even fold his clothes? But the more I thought about it, the more excited I became. I was excited to experience a new culture; to leave the hustle and bustle of New York and to most importantly be able to save money for a future. I was excited to live with him and to experience this new and beautiful state together.

So here I am… packing my clothes, gathering my belongings, and investing in Ugg boots and wool socks all in the pursuit to tackle the (very cold) world that is Wisconsin. What’s in store for us? I have no idea. But read along and find out with me.

This blog is for the wanderer, the traveler and the person who never feels the need to stay in one place… This ones for you my fellow nomadic souls.